Out and about

Ulvik offers extraordinary opportunities for walks and short trips, all year round. During summer you may go for walks in the area, through the forest or up mountains. Maps of the area are available.


The mountain top Kvasshovden is a great challenge for most. A 7 hour walk takes you to 1030 meters above sea level. Your reward will be an exceptional view of the town of Ulvik and the surrounding area. Please remember there is also a 7 hour walk back to the hut, so this is for hikers with a bit of experience and only available between June and September.


You may go for walks through Ulvik’s apple farms and visit the cider mills producing the tasty Ulvik cider.


During winter you will find marked ski slopes in the area, and great opportunites for short and long trips to suit any level.

Food & Drink

Syse Gard

Visit Syse Farm and its shop, brimming with local produce. Sausages, dried and cured legs and ribs of mutton, apple jam, plum jam, apple juice, apple chutney and fresh fruit in season. Syse Gard may also supply you with food straight to your doorstep. Please get in touch with us for more information.
Visit Syse Farm

Hardanger Guesthouse

We offer catering from Hardanger Guesthouse. You may pre-book and find the food available upon arrival (or at a set time), or make an order while you’re at the hut. Please get in touch with us for more information. Visit Hardanger Guesthouse

Hardanger Juice and Cider Factory

Hardanger Juice and Cider Factory is situated at Lekve Farm. You may enjoy a guided tour of the factory, and get to see the well renomated cider production at first hand.
Visit Hardanger Juice and Cider Factory

Kádn & Alde

Kádn & Alde is a craft bakery which bases all their products on natural raw materials.

They make real bread based on organic flour, extra time and care. The bakery is situated in an old stave-built barn at Syse in Ulvik

Please visit their Facebook page


Syse Glas

We highly recommend a visit to the local glassblower. See the glassblower at work, or browse through the various products for sale. You may also book an appointment if you wish to try your hand at glassblowing.

More info on Syse glas

Kayak & Boat Trips

You may hire a kayak or a boat and explore the area on your own, or join a guided tour on the fjord. Fjordcruise is another attractive option, with daily departures from Ulvik.

More info on rental and excursions

Olav H. Hauge

Museum of the Year 2015, the Olav H. Hauge Centre, offers unique insight into the poet’s life and work. The exhibition also conveys poetry in many forms across language boundaries. You may also visit the poet’s house at Rossvoll, by appointment.

More info on Olav H. Hauge


Why not try your feet at waterskiing? Ulvik Water Ski Club offers tons of fun and equipment for hire.

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